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I started Red Giant Mechanical in 2015 for two main reasons:

To be accountable to my clients, and put down roots in a community.

In my nearly ten years as a plumber, I have worked in all facets of the trade: residential, commercial, institutional and industrial. This path has taken me all over the Okanagan, Southern and Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and all over BC. Whether I was involved in building a water treatment plant, a hotel or a multi million dollar custom home, two things remained the same. I wasn’t home, and by working for someone else, I wasn’t able to effectively solve problems for the client in a timely, accountable manner.

I am thankful for my years on the road and the skills they taught me, and for giving me the opportunity to see the country, build amazing things and meet my lovely wife.

Today I am able to combine the years of experience, the depth of knowledge, creative control, and the power of community to offer a cohesive, unique plumbing company.

 РLiam Mitchell 


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